Why choose TutorChat?

We make tutoring - a privilege formerly reserved for affluent families - as accessible as a Netflix membership.

Our unique online, peer-to-peer platform recruits talented, motivated teenagers & trains them to be great tutors.

Those tutors are motivated because they earn the community service hours they need to graduate from high school and get an opportunity showcase the leadership skills they need to stand out on their college applications in exchange for their time spent tutoring. That’s how we’re able to keep our fees so incredibly low.

Peer-to-peer tutoring works. More than 1,200 studies have established the academic and social emotional benefits of peer-to-peer tutoring. Additional data shows that students who get regular individual tutoring perform 98% better than students who learn via conventional instructional methods.

Most parents can’t remember Algebra and don’t need yet another place to drive their kids. TutorChat takes math help off of the parent to-do list & eliminates the feeling of helplessness, nagging, fighting and worrying about grades that goes on in most households.

Students are happier and less stressed getting the help they need from the comfort of their couch from another kid rather than yet another adult.