To stand out on your college applications,

you know you must:

do more than the required number of community service hours

make a real impact in the world and,

display grit & leadership skills.

What if you could check all those boxes from the comfort of your couch?


Get permission - Even though you’re 13 or over, we still need permission from your parent. We’ll make it easy and send them a text.

Get qualified - Take a simple diagnostic assessment online & in your own time

Get Set - Put an avatar together. Share your availability & interests with kids looking for a teen tutor

Get trained - Earn badges on skills that Google considers more important than STEM skills by taking some fast-paced, online courses. Take as many as you like

Get chosen by a student

Tutor on your own personal learning space that connects you to your student via vidteo, chat, shared whiteboard and shared files.

Sign Up

TutorChat will launch Fall 2018.  

We’ll add tutors and tutees on a first come, first serve basis.  Get on the mailing list now to reserve your spot in line.


Make a Difference & Succeed - On Your Own Terms


Our training will give you the tools you need to be a successful coach. All of it is online. All of it results in an open source badge that you can use to display your credentials anywhere and to anyone. We also give you hacks that work so you don’t feel unprepared to work with your students.

Measurable Impact

Peer and cross-age tutoring works. There are more than 1,200 studies to prove it. You’ll work with students from across the economic spectrum, some facing massive life challenges. You will make an impact on their lives and we will help you measure that impact through a dashboard and tools that help you track their progress.

College Application and/or Internship Application Credentials

Our mission is help you stand out on your college applications. We track all the time you spend training for and delivering tutoring. We pass that information onto your high school so you get the community service hours you need. But, we also track your students’ scores improvements and ratings that they give you. We turn all that, plus testimonials & your badges into a detailed certificate you can use to showcase your experience anywhere, anytime.