Determine how you want to use TutorChat: as a supplemental offering of your after-school tutoring program or during the school day and if you’d like to give your students the opportunity to be tutors (We can make a presentation to your school, school club - National Honor Society, AVID, etc - PTA or liaise directly with your after-school program of choice

We take of the permission slips and payments via text messages to parents

We market the benefits of participating directly to the students (See our student & tutor pages)

We do the scheduling, the sign up and the payment and then send students text reminders about upcoming sessions.

Students connect via our online learning platform (web-based, no downloads required) and interact via video, text and shared whiteboard

Tutor on your own personal learning space that connects you to your student via vidteo, chat, shared whiteboard and shared files.


On Your Own Terms

Trained Tutors

We train teen tutors to understand and apply the most innovative concepts in education - from Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory to Bloom’s Taxonomy to modeling thinking, not handing out solutions. Because many of these students learned math in a way that taught them to focus on how to problem solve rather than apply rote-learning, they quickly understand the best way to help.

Multi Sided Impact

As the data has proven, the social and academic impact of tutoring is felt equally by the tutor and tutee. TutorChat adds the element of helping to free up teacher time in the classroom as well. We provide administrators with reports gleaned from IXL’s dynamic math assessments.

Rewards based

We work hard at responding to the various intrinsic and extrinsic motivations for children and have leveraged these in particularly effective ways (see tutor and student pages)

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TutorChat will launch Fall 2018.  

We’ll add tutors and tutees on a first come, first serve basis.  Get on the mailing list now to reserve your spot in line.

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