Dear Fellow Parent,

The idea for TutorChat ignited after a blowout with my younger son when I tried to help him with homework.  When he angrily threw a pencil across the room, both of us looked to my older son in exasperation.

He stepped in and everything changed. Resistance dissipated, tension subsided and work got done with laughter instead of tears.

That was my ah ha moment about the power of peer to peer tutoring. It also made me realize that parenting doesn’t have to be so hard.



Neesha N. Rahim, Founder



Membership Benefits

Highly affordable tutoring sessions once a week + 1 bonus floating (SOS)session per month at $45/month or $15/month (if your child receives free and reduced lunch)

A diagnostic math assessment of your child when they begin the program and additional assessments to monitor their progress every 2 months

Access to high quality, vetted and trained teen tutors who will make math more fun for your child

Increased Student Confidence. Stanford Univ researchers (2018) found that math achievement is mostly about mindset and tutoring has been found to relieve math anxiety & change fear circuits in children (Stanford, 2015). Our teen tutors are trained in relationship building and coaching to help change the story your child has told to him/herself and build their confidence in themselves.

Why Peer to Peer Tutoring

More than 1,200 studies have established that there are staggering academic and social emotional benefits to peer to peer tutoring (Johnson and Johnson, 2008).  And, according to educational psychologist, Benjamin Bloom, students who get regular individual tutoring perform 98% better than students who learn via conventional instructional methods.  

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